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SUDS & Flood Risk Assessments

SUDS & Flood Risk

Sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do at Gadsden Consulting. We pride ourselves on our use of sustainable urban drainage designs (SUDS) wherever possible. We undertake Flood Risk Assessments for residential and commercial developments, forming an important part of the planning application pack. All of our assessments are undertaken by experienced engineers and are done so in line with Environment Agency, national and local planning policies.

Why Use SUDS?

SuDS can be used to enhance the overall appearance and character of the site whilst being more cost effective than conventional piped drainage. Gadsden Consulting approach SuDS from an urban design perspective and consider the opportunity for every space across the site to serve a drainage function to deliver a highly cost effective drainage scheme. Utilising SuDS correctly will make significant contributions to Biodiversity Net Gain.

We apply new and innovative thinking to the management of surface water providing a benefit to downstream catchments. We provide a full range of services from an initial SuDS suitability assessment through to providing detailed drawings and calculations for submission to the Local Authority.

What is a Flood Risk Assessment (FRA)?

A Flood Risk Assessment (FRA), is a desktop report that details the main flood risks to a development site. It can also provide recommendations for mitigating measures to alleviate the impact of flooding to the site and surrounding area.

A FRA should be completed as part of your pre-planning process, so that architectural designs for the development can include any design changes to your scheme that mitigates flood water, allocates vulnerable users to the correct floor levels, and identifies the safest route in the event of a flood.

Your FRA should also take the surrounding area into account and whether the development poses a flood risk to areas nearby. The scope and details of the FRA will vary depending on the size and topography of the site, and which Flood Zone the site lies within.

A FRA is required for all developments requiring planning permission where part of the site falls within the Environment Agency’s flood zone 2 or 3 or for any site larger than 1Ha.

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Here is a few reasons why.

Forward thinking

We know that no two projects are the same and we pride ourselves on providing a bespoke design solution to suit the needs of the project and client.


We look to and push our clients towards utilising sustainable practices wherever possible.


Construction is rarely plain sailing, we always try to work with our clients to provide quick and efficient solutions and are always available to help.

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