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Highways & Drainage

Highways & Drainage

We provide highway design services that are customised to meet the specific requirements of the scheme, users and client. We have an excellent history of delivering Section 278 and Section 38 highway design schemes, from inception to adoption. As well as the highway design we undertake drainage designs to suit the requirements of the development. This can include obtaining necessary technical approvals from the local drainage authority, LLFA and EA. It may include sewer adoptions where we obtain technical approval for any S104 agreement on behalf of the developer/client. Our services include but are not limited to site accesses, parking, feasibility, highway links and junction designs, swept path analysis, visibility splays, detailed geometric drawings, road markings and signage, and foul and surface water drainage designs (levels, gradients, attenuation etc).

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Over 30 Years Experience

At Gadsden Consulting, we have been providing clients with our services for over 30 years. We understand the importance of effective highways and drainage and have developed comprehensive design solutions to cater to your specific needs. Whether you need design for a single new dwelling or a larger, more complex development, we offer highways and drainage design solutions across residential and commercial sectors.

Design Software

Our ground modelling software allows us to construct an image of your entire site, providing accurate designs for the vertical and horizontal alignment of your highways. We also utilise this model to advise on earthworks (cut & fill analysis) and materials import/export, reducing the risk of any hidden surprises when you commence works on site.

Our Commitment

At Gadsden Consulting, we are committed to keeping your highways safe, dry, and clear through our high specification highways and drainage designs. The requirements of our clients come first for our engineers, and we are aware that every project is unique, therefore we make every effort to provide solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers. Our team of qualified civil engineers are committed to offering a first-rate service from the initial stages of planning, through every step of our consultancy, until project completion.

Contact our professional and friendly team today to learn more about our highways and drainage services, and how we can help ensure the safe and efficient design for your project.

Why Choose Us?

Here is a few reasons why.

Forward thinking

We know that no two projects are the same and we pride ourselves on providing a bespoke design solution to suit the needs of the project and client.


We look to and push our clients towards utilising sustainable practices wherever possible.


Construction is rarely plain sailing, we always try to work with our clients to provide quick and efficient solutions and are always available to help.

Want to discuss a Project?

What ever size or scale or project you are undertaking, we are always happy to help.