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Structural Design

Structural Design

Structural design is a vital component that cannot be ignored when it comes to construction projects. The structure's load-bearing capacity, as well as its overall stability and safety, are planned for and analysed. A design structural engineer is essential to ensure that a structure can survive the forces applied to it, including wind, earthquakes, and gravity. 

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Our Knowledge

At Gadsden, we recognise the value of structural design services and have a team of knowledgeable and experienced design structural engineers committed to offering our clients the best project solutions. The structural materials that our engineers have designed and worked with range from single steel beams making a new entryway to reinforced concrete framed constructions. We can offer a design that gives our clients the best product and, most importantly, the most value for their money.

Our engineers use the most recent technologies and design software to provide precise and practical designs. We can create a three-dimensional model of the building's structure to work with other specialities to develop the building information model (BIM). This enables us to collaborate closely with architects, builders, and other experts to guarantee that the design is practical and appealing.

Our Services

We offer structural design services for existing building renovations, additions and new construction designs. This includes designing structural supports for brand-new walls or floors and strengthening existing buildings to handle additional loads or applications.

At Gadsden, we enjoy offering our clients structural design services that are both high-calibre and reasonably priced. We ensure that all of our designs follow the pertinent laws since we recognise how important it is to adhere to safety and construction norms. For all types of projects and industries, we provide structural design services.

Contact Our Team

Gadsden is the only place to go if you require structural design assistance for a future construction project. In order to give the finest solutions for your project while providing the best value for money, our team of professional design structural engineers will work closely with you. Get in touch with us now to learn more about how we can assist with your structural design needs.

Why Choose Us?

Here is a few reasons why.

Forward thinking

We know that no two projects are the same and we pride ourselves on providing a bespoke design solution to suit the needs of the project and client.


We look to and push our clients towards utilising sustainable practices wherever possible.


Construction is rarely plain sailing, we always try to work with our clients to provide quick and efficient solutions and are always available to help.

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What ever size or scale or project you are undertaking, we are always happy to help.